When you work with Los Angeles House Cleaners Referral Agency, you can breathe easy because your home will soon sparkle.

One Time / Recurring

  • Kitchen
  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms & Living Rooms
  • Windows
  • Same Day Service
  • Walls
  • Appliances (Oven & Fridge)
  • Hardwood & Carpet Floors
  • Move in / Move out
  • Post construction
  • Laundry


Our referred cleaners also provide professional AirBNB & Short Term Rental cleaning with a wide variety of cleaning methods, chemicals, and equipment to facilitate and expedite the cleaning process.

One Time / Recurring

  • You Can Give a Checklist
  • They typically can make the unit look great
  • Before or After Each Guest
  • Laundry
  • Changing Beds
  • Dishes
  • Etc.

Reasons Why
People Choose Us


10,000 cleans

We have been around for a long time, and in that time we've gained the experience needed to refer to you an amazing cleaner.



If you're not completely satisfied with your cleaning, we will go above and beyond to make it right!


Cleaning Products

We believe in being earth friendly, that's why we can refer cleaners who can use organic and green cleaning solutions for your home if you prefer or even use your products if you'd like.



With us, you get some of the best prices in the city, and there's also huge discounts for recurring cleanings.

Clients Say:

"I'm always super happy with the service I get from you guys. Martha is on time and accommodating. In the end our home is always flawless. Thank you!"

Brandy R.

"I needed a last minute cleaning because another cleaner I hired never showed up. I'm so glad to have called you because you were able to show up within an hour and cleaned very thoroughly. I'll always be calling you from now on."

Christine O.

“I've had you guys clean my home every 2 weeks for the past year and I'm always amazed each time with the home!"

Todd E.

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Instantly book online for your preferred day and time.




Your cleaners come make your home shine.




Enjoy your new clean home and all the extra time you now have.

With our agency, you get cleaners that promise to clean your home thoroughly, completely and reliably.
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The Best Los Angeles house cleaners and maid service referral agency here to serve you at your convenience!!

Living in Los Angeles can be a really stressful lifestyle, let us help you keep your home clean and relieve some of that stress. Your referred professional house cleaners can get any dirty job done in a very efficient manner.

We can refer cleaners who can offer the following types of services: Apartment & Condo, Airbnb & Vacation Rental, Move in & Move Out, Same Day, Deep Cleaning, Post Construction.

You can get referred Services that include but are not limited to:

  • General House Cleaning
  • Airbnb Cleaning
  • Laundry
  • Cleaning Dishes
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Harwood Floor Cleaning
  • Dusting
  • Vacuum 
  • Mopping
  • Final Cleaning
  • Short term lease cleaning
  • Sublet house cleaning

If you are looking for office cleaning or commercial cleaning in Los Angeles then you really need to find a great company for your needs.


We refer cleaners in all of Los Angeles and the surrounding areas including: West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Malibu, Glendale, Pasadena, Venice, Huntington Beach, Manhattan Beach, Downtown LA, Calabasas, Hollywood, Orange County, Anaheim, Riverside, Laguna Beach, Long Beach, Santa Barbara, Torrance, Santa Clarita, Burbank, Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, Lancaster, Palmdale, Oxnard, Ontario, Santa Ana, San Bernardino, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Las Vegas, Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Chicago, Denver, Seattle, Miami, Atlanta, NYC, Washington DC, Phoenix and more.

Residential House Cleaning:

Los Angeles House Cleaning and Maid Services referral agency are the best for people confronted by such challenges. When you hire the professionals, they can clean your houses, as many times as you want, but that must depend on the contract you are going to sign with the service providers. If you are actually finding it hard to cope with these challenges, you engage the services of these professionals today.

Housing cleaning may not form the priority of many homes across the country, as a result lips services are paid to it. There is no way one can live a healthy and comfortable lifestyle without proper house cleaning. Many people are discovering the relevance of house cleaning and that is why it is becoming a priority in many homes across the city.

Los Angeles Apartment Cleaners Referral Agency:

Domestic cleaning service is becoming very important to the lives of many households, especially those who abhor living in a clustered house. Professional house cleaning deploys special equipment in keeping the house clean. Depending on the type of cleaning job involved, professionals often use such cleaning equipment like vacuums, brushes, dustpan and so on.

House cleaning duties do not just start and end in the cleaning of carpets and rugs, it could include such other home utensils like window cleaning, wooden furniture polishing, dish washing, ironing of clothes and several others. It depends on what you want cleaned for you. Usually the type of items that you want cleaned for you would determine the number of days they would put in the cleaning service. Some household items may require cleaning every one to three weeks.

Los Angeles Airbnb Cleaners Referral Agency:

Many households have seen the importance of hiring professional Los Angeles housekeepers. If you want a tidy, clean, and an attractive house, you have to engage professionals. Neatness of your home speaks a lot about you. Many people are going to judge you according to the way your home looks.

Even if you do not want to keep your place tidy because of what others would say or do, it is good for your health and well being of your family members. To be healthy, it is recommended that you live in a healthy environment and such environment must start from the place you live.

Maid Service In Los Angeles By A Referral Agency:

When you engage the services of our Los Angeles house cleaning referral agency, they would take clear of those tasks especially those that you consider to be very repetitive. When your home is neat, you would have enough space and time to spend with your family members and friends. So it is recommended that you engage those experts to take good care of your homes.

If you are the busy type, you would not devote the required time to all aspects of your home, as the professionals would do. If you are not an expert, you would discover that the process is very exhausting and tiring. The work could be very tedious and many mothers could not afford to devote such time for cleaning purposes only.

On the other side of the nation, our friends at NYC Maid Service & House Cleaners also provide great cleaning services so please check them out if you are interested.

Cheap and affordable house cleaners:

But when you hire professionals to do that for you, you would discover that they would touch all parts of the home that you have never thought of. Surfaces of fixtures and the beneath would be thoroughly cleaned. You would discover that those household furniture and carpets would last longer because they would be rid of dirt, rust of lime and those other things that can affect the lifespan of such household items.

Our referred professional home cleaners would assist you in different ways, they would ensure that every part of your home gets the type of attention it deserves. They can remove all the dirt in the floors of your home, as well as the wall and bed and furniture and so on. They will ensure that your house gets the type of attention it deserves.

Engaging their services would be more convenient to you. The thought alone that your furniture is clean would give you a peace of mind and comfort. But, with a messy home, you are not only going to be unorganized, you are going to be chaotic. If you do not want to become a refugee in your home, it is recommended that you hire the services of professionals. They are going to do better work than you think.

When you engage the services of professionals, you are going to enjoy comfort and peace in one of the busiest cities in the world. Los Angeles is one of the busiest cities in the country and the best way that you can enjoy your comfort is to hire the Los Angeles House Cleaning referral agency services.

Many people work hard here to make ends meet, because many people are such busy, taking care of the house becomes the least consideration in their agenda, and that is why the services of professional cleaners are very important to the city residents. A maid service has become an important part of many residents. They help to keep house and household neat. Your house would be clean while you are busy with your other tight schedules in the office and even in your home.

Many residents liked their services because of the professional way they conduct themselves. The houses are affordable. This means that many households can engage professionals to do that service for them. The quantity of cleaning work you want done for you would determine the cost. Whichever way, you look at it, you would discover that their services are affordable. Apart from the fact that the service is affordable, you would discover that it is accountable too.

It is trustworthy. Their service is trustworthy. The team ensures that most decent and educated people are hired for such jobs. They do not just get anybody they see on the street to become one of their workers.

Before you get hired by the company, you must be found worthy in character. Moreover, you must have undergone the training as the job demands a lot, just like other professional jobs that you can think of. Their services are trustworthy because they only engage trusted maids to do such jobs for them.

They engage both men and women on the team. They are very efficient. They are well trained and organized and that is why after they have finished, you would observe that your home would look span and spick.

When the cleaning processes go on, you will not worry about anything. We can refer insured independent cleaning companies if requested. Everything you have in your house would be cleaned.

Los Angeles Home Cleaning and Maid referral services are the best for you. They have removed stress out of your life, as you no longer need to worry or over stress yourself on cleanliness while there are professionals that can do that for you at much reduced prices. There are different reasons to use professional cleaners. It appears that the most important reason is to ensure that the home is spotless.

When it is spotless, you can think of a germ free environment. You can achieve that when you engage the professionals to do that for you.

To ensure a healthy cleaning, you are going to use the best cleaning chemicals and products that are designed for such cleaning services. When you engage the professionals, they have a better understanding of the various cleaning products that can be used for that purpose.

They are going to apply their deep knowledge of the job and they are going to touch all the areas and surfaces that you do not think of cleaning in the past.

Using wrong cleaning chemicals can be dangerous. If you are not an expert, it would not be easy to determine the right type of cleaning product to use. They know that using the wrong product could end in disaster. Nobody would like that disaster and that is why it is often recommended that you get the best by engaging professional cleaners.

Some household items could be a very big investment and using dangerous chemicals in some of them is not advisable. This is why it is recommended that you opt for the people that know the best chemicals to use for your household items.

Why must you hire Los Angeles House Cleaning and Maid Services referral agency? You have seen some of the reasons that you must consider them before any other providers. They are better equipped to do that job better than any other body.

They take time and clean all parts of your home including those obscure areas, which you overlook most of the times such as your wardrobes, your cupboards as well as your book shelves and other hidden spots in the home.

Some household items, like your draws and fans gather dust with time. You allow professionals to use it with the right cleaning equipment. They know the types of chemical to be used for different household item.

They apply the correct chemicals to different surfaces like woods, stainless steels, as well as ceramic, marble as well as Formica and several others.

They are tested and trusted in the work. They have been there for sometime and they clearly understand the urgency in this type of work. They are going to conclude the cleaning task in record time and they would not rest until the tasks are completed.

They now free your time. The time, which you would have spent in cleaning your home would now be deployed in other things, which are important for the progress of the family. The most important thing here is that free time for you, which you can use for other productive ventures.

Their services are not only affordable, they are accountable as well. You would be surprised that you are going to afford the cost of their services.
Before you can hire somebody to do that type of service, you must have trusted such a person. You do not need to worry about the safety of your home because the hiring company has done the integrity check for you.

They do not just hire anybody that comes across their way, they must be sure of the behavior of the person before they actually engage their services. All you need to do is to hire the company and allow them to do the rest for you. The issue of worrying yourself about the safety of your home does not arise.

You are in safe hands when you engage the services of Los Angeles House Cleaning and Maid Services referral agency. All you need to do is to hire a company which is reliable and that can be trusted, the company is not only reputable, they can be trusted as well. If you like, you can conduct a background check on the company and find out what other people are saying about the quality of services that they provide.

You can check the list of people they have worked for and you can check them to determine the efficiency of services the company offers to its clients. You can consult the referral agency to give you a list of people they have worked for, you can get first hand information about the quality of services they provide to their clients.

The safety of your children and other household members is very important. You have to consider the type of chemicals they use. If you hire the right company, you would be sure of the safety of your kids and even your pets. They would always use an environmentally friendly products, this way you are assured of the safety of kids and your pets.

You have seen the qualities that make Los Angeles House Cleaning and Maid Services referral agency special. They are well checked professionals who are certified to produce the high end services they have been offering over the years. If you want the best cleaning and treatment for your home, hire them. They have all it takes to satisfy you.​

​We all want the hype, the adrenaline of working and living fast in a city that doesn’t stop working and making moves, and of course money.

So a lot of Angelinos live a hard-working lifestyle that doesn’t give them a lot of free time for them to be able to clean up their homes and be in a household environment that is cohesively healthy in any way, but that’s why it’s a good idea to hire a maid service referral agency to help you clean your home and get your household clean while you’re out busy at work or whatever it is that your schedule might pertain.

The Los Angeles House Cleaning and Maid Services referral business is one that is affordable, accountable, trustworthy and efficient, and these guys and ladies surely will be able to get your house looking spick and span, and the best part about it is that you don’t have to worry about anything at all while your house gets cleaned.

So why give yourself one more thing to worry about in your life in terms of the cleanliness of your home when you can hire a maid service referral agency and spend a little bit of your hard earned money to have your home looking great when your guests come over and see your sweet pad? It’s a no-brainer, hire the Los Angeles House Cleaning and Maid Services referral agency.

Many Los Angeles residents know how stressful life is these days. Many households who are unable to cope with the challenges of house cleaning now resort to house cleaning services. That represents the best option for many people because it can now afford them the time to engage in other special family chores and other commitments.

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