When you work with a professional Seattle House Cleaner, you can breathe easy because your home will soon sparkle.

One Time / Recurring

  • Kitchen
  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms & Living Rooms
  • Windows
  • Same Day Service
  • Walls
  • Appliances (Oven & Fridge)
  • Hardwood & Carpet Floors
  • Move in / Move out
  • Post construction
  • Laundry


Our referred cleaners also provide professional AirBNB & Short Term Rental cleaning with a wide variety of cleaning methods, chemicals, and equipment to facilitate and expedite the cleaning process.

One Time / Recurring

  • You Can Give a Checklist
  • They typically can make the unit look great
  • Before or After Each Guest
  • Laundry
  • Changing Beds
  • Dishes
  • Etc.

Reasons Why
People Choose Us


10,000 cleans

We have been around for a long time, and in that time we've gained the experience needed to refer to you an amazing cleaner.



If you're not completely satisfied with your cleaning, we will go above and beyond to make it right!


Cleaning Products

We believe in being earth friendly, that's why we can refer cleaners who can use organic and green cleaning solutions for your home if you prefer or even use your products if you'd like.



With us, you get some of the best prices in the city, and there's also huge discounts for recurring cleanings.

Clients Say:

"I'm always super happy with the service I get from you guys. Martha is on time and accommodating. In the end our home is always flawless. Thank you!"

Brandy R.

"I needed a last minute cleaning because another cleaner I hired never showed up. I'm so glad to have called you because you were able to show up within an hour and cleaned very thoroughly. I'll always be calling you from now on."

Christine O.

“I've had you guys clean my home every 2 weeks for the past year and I'm always amazed each time with the home!"

Todd E.

…easy as 1-2-3
How We Work:



Instantly book online for your preferred day and time.




Your cleaners come make your home shine.




Enjoy your new clean home and all the extra time you now have.

With our agency, you get cleaners that promise to clean your home thoroughly, completely and reliably.
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Our Service

Seattle’s Premier Domestic Cleaning Service

We work with the top home cleaning companies in Seattle to bring homeowners and renters the kind of domestic cleaning services they need. We know that housework can be tiring and it may be difficult to fit it into your schedule sometimes, which is why our home cleaning referral service is so necessary. You can let the professionals do the cleaning while you get more time for yourself.

Cleaning Services You Can Trust

Why does Seattle residents turn to us for their home cleaning? For years, Seattle has been counting on our referred home cleaning services to make their homes look incredible. Whether you're looking for a one-off cleaning to help catch up on all your housework or you need us to come regularly throughout the month to keep your home looking tidy, we are the right choice for professional home cleaning services for you.

Many of our customers rely on us for end of lease cleaning. If they're looking to get their security deposit back, they want the best chance possible that their landlord will approve the way they rental property looks when it has been cleaned.

Other clients count on just cleaning services to prepare their home for a big event or to clean up after a party. They may not have time to do the cleaning themselves or to clean to the extent that they would like to. So, they call in the professionals to handle the housework for them. It's a convenient way to get great results and to feel really good about how your house looks.

You can trust us because we carefully vet all the cleaning services we work with period we make sure that our cleaning company partners are experienced, well trained, and respected within the industry and the area. We care about your satisfaction, and we'll do whatever we need to make sure that you're happy with the finished results. We welcome feedback end criticism and take them into consideration when making changes to the way we do business.
You can trust us because all of our fees and charges are upfront and transparent. There's no hidden costs to worry about, and all pricing for services offered are affordable and competitive period feel free to contact us about an estimate so you know what to expect before any cleaning is done in your home.

Beautify Your Home

Why choose professional home cleaning over doing the work yourself? Many Seattle residents choose us because they want to make an impact on how clean their home looks. They are tired of cleaning the house again and again and not seeing a noticeable difference. Our preferred cleaners can make your home look beautiful, transforming it from dusty and dirty to neat and tidy in no time flat.

We are Seattle’s premier domestic cleaning referral service because the cleaners we work with produce great results every time. Customer satisfaction is the key to our business success, and we strive for incredible, visible results every time.

We think you will appreciate how your home looks after the cleaners are through. They use industry best cleaning equipment that can get rid of dust, dirt, grime, stains, and more and can do it very efficiently. Instead of getting down on your hands and knees and scrubbing for hours to make your home look clean, you can just have the professionals do it for you. You'll save yourself a lot of work and a lot of time and get better results.

The cleaning companies we work in Seattle WA with are able to get rid of stains that domestic cleaning products can't handle. They can also reach those out-of-the-way places that may be difficult for you to access, like up in the corners of your ceiling or behind appliances and under furniture. They can do the kind of cleaning that no one else wants to do or no one else is able to do.

A Safer Home

Do you feel comfortable and at ease in your own home? Or are you concerned that there are many germs, allergens, at microscopic particles in your home that are making the environment unsafe? Are you concerned about the spread of disease or allergic reactions from people in your family or those who visit your home? If so, you can rely on professional home cleaning services in Seattle to not just beautify your home but also sanitize it and disinfect hard surfaces.

Professional cleaners can eliminate most microscopic particles and greatly reduce allergens in the home. They can eliminate a lot of dust, pollen, pet dander, insect droppings, and other irritants that could cause an allergic reaction or make it difficult for you to breathe easily or sleep well at night. If you would like your home to be a safe place for small children, the elderly, or people whose health is at risk, then routine professional cleaning is right for you.

By having professional domestic cleaners come and tidy your home in Seattle Washington and sanitize surfaces, you can make an impact on your health and the health of those in your household. You'll have less to worry about and you'll be able to feel at ease knowing that your home is a safe place. The chemicals that are referred cleaners use are designed to be safe for the environment and safe for you. Yet, they are tough on stains, dirt, and germs, ensuring a safe environment within your home.

Contact Us for Professional Cleaning Services

When you get in touch with us for Seattle maid services, we'll find the right company just for you. We will be happy to work with your schedule and your budget to accommodate you. We make it easy to get the home cleaning services you need at a time that is convenient for you. You can just sit back and relax and let our referred cleaners do all the hard work. Then, you get to enjoy the beautiful results and how tidy and comfortable your home looks when they are finished.

All the way on the other end in the east offer referred Maimi House Cleaners if you happen to be there.

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